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Sound is a factor which holds all existence together, the basis of form and shape. Everything we see, hear and touch is energy, what we think of as solid is vibration at a range our senses can perceive. Starting from the atom, all things vibrate at a certain frequency. You are completely interconnected with everything there is, and the frequency that you radiate with your emotions and thoughts is matched by the universe. We are the tuning forks and the universe resonates with whatever vibration we are giving of. Join us on a journey of elevating our frequency by means of music and dance, becoming the ears through which the universe listens to its harmonies, celebrating its glory and magnificence. Find your Frequent C !

Our Mission

Our focus on the client is something new on the market. We offer experienced professionals in our team and we bring you results in the shortest time spell. Superb prices and great promotion is what makes working with us a unique satisfaction.

Our Plan

We are always in the quest for new talents, so please, take into consideration our services and have in mind that it is time for a new energy source and a new direction in planning the special event. Quick response, sociable, friendly and professional staff, fair deals and contracts is what makes working with us special.

Our Vision

The basic vision of Frequent C is the rise of the consciousness in the society about organisation of events and by doing that, we would strengthen the position of Croatia on the map of European and world popular destinations. The target group of the event are the people between 18 and 50 years of age.

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